I'm Andrei Manolache

and I do Web Development
focusing on Front-End


Freelance Web Developer working from anywhere
(Oct. 2021 - present, 1 year

  • UpWork Top Rated freelancer, 100% Job Success
  • Projects: Airtable API integrations, dynamic documents generation with PHP/JS, Airtable apps with React, WordPress fixes and custom functionalities
  • Web app for environmental organisation to calculate the carbon footprint and generate reports (HTML/CSS/JS, Mapbox JS).
Ryan W., US

"Great to work with. Generous with time and explanations. Thank you!"

Leeann D., Canada

"Delivered a well functioning end result without needing a lot of Q&A back and forth. Thank you for your help!"

Zubair N., UK

"Extremely professional throughout the whole project. I was absolutely pleased with the final outcome & the depth of his knowledge."

Web Developer at InterStep
(Jul. 2018 - Jul. 2022, 4 years)

Long-term collaboration on marketing-oriented web projects:

  • large corporate multilingual presentation website (3 years maintenance, stock exchange integration to display trading info, advanced forms, etc.)
  • HTML/CSS/JS/PHP collaborator dashboard (advertising materials generator, HTML email signature generator, dynamic presentation page, etc.)
  • collaborating with designers to transform Figma design to pixel-perfect pages
  • keeping in touch with the clients to solve maintenance requests and new features

“Responsible and reliable developer that delivered great work and support.”
Ovidiu C. – Agency Owner

Web Developer at Mouse Media Services
(Jun. 2016 - Oct. 2021, 5 years 5 months)

In charge of all web-related projects. The work included: 

  • discussing with clients, creating the briefs, helping the manager evaluate the projects
  • develop and maintain presentation & eCommerce websites (mainly with WordPress & WooCommerce)
  • web programming with HTML/CSS/JS/PHP (custom pages, functionalities like custom price calculators, etc.)

“Thank you very much for helping us on all web development issues and for a fast response as always!”
Ioan P. – Founder

Projects (few examples).

Carbon Footprint Web App

An environmental company needed a tool to let users calculate the carbon footprint of hotel stays in different parts of the world and generate downloadable reports. 

I offered both the design and functionality. The project was implemented using HTML/CSS/JS/PHP, Mapbox JS API. 

Custom Property Listings

When sending relocation options to clients it’s better to share a tailored good-looking page generated dynamically based on existing data. Also, the team saves time by automatically calculating distances and including matrices such as safety, air quality & pollen. 

The solution included: creating the UX according to client’s needs, HTML/CSS (Bootstrap), JS (Google Maps JS API, Distance Matrix API), PHP (Airtable API), React JS widget in Airtable to connect to Safety, Air & Pollen APIs.

Dynamic Gallery and Products

An Australian company found that it’s hard to keep a gallery up to date and performant when you have more than 1k photos. And with the products as well. 

My contribution was creating a dynamic gallery (getting the data from an API using PHP), with filters/search and other interactive functionalities (JS).  

They loved the gallery and continued with another project: creating dynamic product pages. 

Large Presentation Website & Dashboard

Implementing pixel-perfect Figma design for a large corporate website

  • 100+ presentation pages
  • agent locator (map)
  • investor data: charts and integration with the stock exchange API to display the price evolution
  • advanced Request a Quote functionality (showing the nearby agents on the map, ordering them by distance, conditional fields, etc)
  • dynamic agent page (creating personal pages to improve the web presence of all collaborators)
  • maintenance and new features for 3+ years


Custom dashboard (HTML/CSS/JS/PHP, API integration):

  • invitation system to add franchises and subalterns
  • account: add/edit data about each collaborator (personal details, select location on map, set preferences)
  • HTML email signature generator based on existing data form their account
  • custom advertising materials generator (business cards, posters with referral QR, outdoor banners, etc.)


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